Education and Training

  • Master in Management, Audencia-Nantes Business School of Management
  • Master in Political Science.
  • Individual and team coaching fundamentals, Metasysteme, A. Cardon, MCC
  • Team Entrepreneur Leadership Programme, Team Academy, Finland
  • Facilitation, TOP prog. ICA, Paris

Jean-Emmanuel Tixier

Before creating Decami, Jean-Emmanuel worked with companies of various sizes and cultural backgrounds: an American industrial leader, a semi-public counselling organisation for developing start-ups, and in the distribution department of a long established French group, where he held a wide variety of positions from sales representative through consultant to assistant-manager
JE is familiar with anglo-saxon culture and is a fluent English speaker having studied and travelled widely in the UK, US, India and Finland.

Types of clients:

  • teams,
  • groups,
  • individual persons,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • executives,
  • managers,
  • professionals,
  • consultants, training staff,
  • HP/HIQ
  • clients from various countries (Italy, Germany, UK)

Examples of the variety of issues:

  • improving ¬†professional performance,
  • developing a good managerial attitude,
  • promoting change,
  • creating effective team coordination,
  • devising commercial tenders,
  • career guidance,
  • launching a new business, (first clients, first delivery)
  • giving career guidance and finding a balanced life-style,
  • making and implementing decisions,