Personal coaching will help you to establish your resourcefulness on a firm basis, with benefits that will last longer than the position you hold, and the results you had expected.
This method of coaching encourages the development of new attitudes and practices backed up, if necessary, by specific tools which the coach will share with you.
Not everyone has the same needs at the same time. People’s needs vary. Some prefer support at the action planning stage of a project while others benefit from support once their project is under way.
Using a range of new approaches and practices in a flexible way, coaching can be adapted to suit the client’s needs and anticipated outcomes. You will quickly develop a more flexible approach, along with improved self-reliance. You will find new ways of facing challenges, and of acting … and enjoy the satisfying taste of your first results.

Practical details

The sessions develop along two phases:
First we aim at revitalizing the foundation of your leadership based on your personal vocation. Then we aid in the progressive development of its maturation, focusing on the particular goals that you wish to achieve.
The first sessions last between 1 hour 1/2 and 2 hours, the following ones can take anything from a matter of minutes up to a few hours. This can be either over a short period of time, or over a few months depending on your needs. We can offer a range of coaching styles from one to one support to a telephone call. Venues can be discussed and agreed to suit whatever you prefer.