« The type of approach you are using begins with oneself. As it is very conceived with great intelligence, it transforms an individualistic attitude into an altruistic one, contrary to more “conventional” types of coaching that seems to have the signs of pure individualism. »
Srecko Grujanovic, Project Manager, ESSEC MBA 03

« The session during which the sentence defining our vocation was determined, was for me a very deep, unifing, soothing and stimulating experience, because it gives meaning and perspective to the very heart of what inspires me. This new awareness is the source of a newfound energy and confidence: now my actions and decisions have a new significance for I may at the same time be present for others and receptive to the flow that comes from deeply within myself in a totally unified movement (…) It is also a new strength, because I find myself standing on “solid” ground, rather than on the shaky ground of someone searching for a profound commitment. This strength makes it possible to enjoy certain activities again, which sometimes, out of habit, or by reflex, had become tasteless. To know better what for I am standing, particularly helps me to consider my role in a bolder and more joyful light. »
NC, Assistant Professor, PhD.

« A very fruitful experience. At first a surprising, even unsettling approach, powerful, brain-storming, brain racking making you reconsider things, and see them from a different angle.
A useful “repositioning” helping “to put to one side” interfering ideas. A surprising result that helped to determine one’s position and make decisions. A quality of listening, sensibility and a fine understanding of problems, without being intrusive or indiscreet.
Punctual, effective, refreshing support…
Energizing and encouraging!
Good maïeutics for decision making.
Very professional. Many thanks again. »
B. PhD, MD

« I appreciated the questions I was asked; they helped to consider my situation from a different angle. The coach’s calm and even attitude, and his supportive listening give you confidence. »

« I particularly appreciated the brief phone sessions which help me to effectively concentrate on my objective.
I also liked to meet some one who makes me realise unnoticed aspects of my situation, and provokes new ways of thinking. As our work [together] developed, I progressively changed my behaviour in situations that were problematic to me.
I thus improved my results, acquired more self-confidence, and found relationships easier: I gained more freedom.
I think that coaching is an effective tool, which I mean to use again in the future. »

« Group practice and training are better than a long and abstract debat. This is what Decami clearly proved during its workshop on self-assertiveness. Although at first I was surprised by the method, it proved very effective for me. It helped me to let go some established beliefs. It gently pinpointed some of my well-meaning errors concerning fruitful verbal communication.
I benefited from the other participants’ and the coach’s benevolent, constructive, (feed forward) encouraging advice. I am leaving with simple, concrete, and easy to implement solutions so as to become able to communicate with greater authenticity and relevance.
It is up to me now to put this experience into practice as often as possible.
Besides the interest of the  “Self-Assertiveness 1” workshop, I particularly appreciated the coaching method used for the group.
I think that, in the future, I will use the ‘feed forward’ approach as often as possible. »
Julie M.

« Team coaching helped us to clearly define the relationships among us, and to be better aware of the quality of this relationship, especially by identifying points we had not perceived.
It gave us a means of setting objectives and to define a path to achieve them.
It made it possible for us to work together better as a team, and consequently, to become closer. »
Jérôme, CEO

« Team coaching helped us make quick decisions, and save a lot of time without ever being intrusive nor by influencing our decisions.
Daily decisions become easier to make, no matter what the issue may be. »
Alexis, CTO

« I turned to Decami coaching in a difficult context of professional re-orientation after two repeated  failures.
I appreciated the coach’s availability and his awareness of my problems.
I also appreciated that he was able to help me keep focused on my objectives.
I recommend coaching sessions to those who think they do not need it.
It is a very ‘light’ method to progress quickly and reach a better efficiency. »
J. B.

«  A pinch of provocation during a really beneficial cure. Decami coaching is stimulating, it prompts you to let your old habits go, to open to new perspectives
It efficiently helped me to develop a concrete course of action. »
V. consultant & trainer

« As for me I appreciated to be able, with your help, to always consider “trying again in a different way”, and to express the anticipated outcome more precisely.
I think that, I would like to attend other workshops, to repeat this experience .
As for the objective, it was reached. A very good feedback from the trainees, and a feeling of joy as a consequence.
A very fruitful work with you, very edifying. »
A.D. Trainer

« I practiced the “building blocks game” (New Challenges Workshop).
It enabled me to understand my way of tackling and achieving a task.
By crosschecking, it astoundingly shed significant light on my whole life.
I recommend to everyone to try and practice this exercise.
This little game has the simplicity of brilliant ideas. »