We believe that our capacity to develop business, to be leaders, and to be effective, depends essentially on our willingness to respond to an appealing call that seems beyond us, and to help our team to do the same. 
This call that seems beyond us is at the heart of everyone’s contribution to the world, in our personal as well as in our professional life, whatever our profession or position.
Its satisfying taste nourishes us as we give it its rightful place in our relationship with others.
Our approach will guide you to clearly identify this satisfying contribution: your personal calling.
It will help you to find this inner place of confidence where you can stand, and to generate fruitful relationships with your colleagues, whatever the context.
It helps you to serve people and to serve your own organization, not only without fearing to lose yourself, but on the contrary, developing your personal as well as your team’s potential.
Whether you are an individual or a team, our coaching offers you support - you are not alone - we help you to “think aloud” in a supportive and confidential atmosphere; it allows you to share ideas with a committed, and also demanding, professional, to achieve tangible results, as well as a unifying and ambitious vision, and to maximize your personal and professional performance.

How it works

After your concrete objectives have been defined, we begin by focusing on your contribution to the world.
In a few sessions, we aim at identifying your vocation, and at helping you to generate mutual trust in your relationships, and to cause fruitful relationships to emerge and flourish. This will help you to concentrate effectively your efforts by means of a readjusted leadership. In a second phase, we help you to implement your renewed leadership concretely in relation to the objectives already defined.
Our coaching offers a special relationship that will enable to explore, experience and enjoy new ways of thinking, living and acting, singly or in a team.

In this way, we help you to become more creative, efficient and ambitious, thanks to your tangible progress.

Examples of objectives:

  • Succeeding a transition, facing successfully new situations and environments,
  • Developing your own personal leadership, your autonomy and daring as well as those of your colleagues
  • Improving decision making, written and oral presentation, and conflict resolution
  • Developing your potential, feeling well adjusted to your position.
  • Defining your professional project, starting a business on tested bases.
  • Developing constructive attitudes towards your colleagues, and family.
  • Have a successful balanced life in its different components (work, family, leisure…)

A few testimonials

At the end of the first session:
« The type of approach you are using begins with oneself. As it is very conceived with great intelligence, it transforms an individualistic attitude into an altruistic one, contrary to more “conventional” types of coaching that seems to have the signs of pure individualism. » Srecko Grujanovic, Chef de Projet, ESSEC MBA 03

At the end of the second session:
"The session during which the sentence defining our vocation was determined, was for me a very deep, unifing, soothing and stimulating experience, because it gives meaning and perspective to the very heart of what inspires me.
This new awareness is the source of a newfound energy and confidence: now my actions and decisions have a new significance for I may at the same time be present for others and receptive to the flow that comes from deeply within myself in a totally unified movement (…) It is also a new strength, because I find myself standing on “solid” ground, rather than on the shaky ground of someone searching for a profound commitment.
This strength makes it possible to enjoy certain activities again, which sometimes, out of habit, or by reflex, had become tasteless. To know better what for I am standing, particularly helps me to consider my role in a bolder and more joyful light." NC, Assistant Professor, PhD